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Just remembered this and had to test:

1511280329.999, 2.925791E002, 1.536989E000
1511280331.288, 2.925803E002, 1.537026E000
1511280332.576, 2.925840E002, 1.536799E000
1511280333.866, 2.925845E002, 1.537121E000
1511280335.158, 2.925858E002, 1.536913E000

Second channel is voltage from AA-battery. I took a screenshot while logging and i “only” had 5 decimal places on the screen, while that log has 6.

But, while trying this, i had problems connecting back to mooshimeter after i accidentally disconnected. Couple different fault codes later i killed the app on my phone and after that it worked just fine. And those timestamps wont fit my settings, which was 1 sec at 125Hz/64smpl. Should be able to keep up with that.. Need to investigate, but i have no time :D