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Thanks so much for the detailed report Ben,

I agree with your analysis – it sounds like the batteries are not the issue. I’d put money on this being a software issue. I haven’t uploaded today’s build yet (sorry, behind schedule), I’ll tweet when it’s up. It might be worth a shot.

Also do you know how to get Android logs with ADB? If so I’d be interested what the app is saying behind the scenes. I will try to add record gathering to the app so I can give you more useful information, this is something I should do anyway because I’m sure you aren’t the only one who will face a hairy problem like this.

P.S.: So glad you used nice inserts for the screws so taking it apart like this doesn’t mess things up.

Thanks! Yeah, was tempted at one point to design it with plastic snap tabs but worried about the lifespan.

P.P.S.: Not sure how you have things wired up, but if you’re trying to get a debug serial port, sparkfun has a microSD breakout which lets you get at the pins in the microsd connector with a minimum of hassle.

That’s helpful to know about, thanks! I rolled my own for debug, but your solution looks easier.