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I have this issue too, it started when I set logging to Maximum and let it run for a few days. I tried beta sw, that seemed to make it worse. I’m using Iphone 6x / IOS 10.3.3.

Symptom is it usually won’t connect, when it does connect the app freezes or it disconnects. This occurs even when the micro SD has been removed.

Another oddity I can’t explain: Sometimes the Mooshimeter app in IOS shows Mooshimeter V.1 FW Build 1477871088. But sometimes it says FW Build 4294967295. I don’t have two Mooshimeters; what is this?

I did install the Beta via Apple Test Flight, and maybe an updated Beta. Then I deleted and went back to the App Store (non-beta?) version, still the same behavior.

My meter is pretty useless at this point. Help!