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Hi Kyrre,

Thanks again for your help finding app bugs over email.

1. Using “diode voltage drop”. Shouldn’t that be working for LED’s? Having a ~2V LED (that works), the leads connected to “common” and “ohm”, and the app switched to “diode drop”. But only receive “out of range” regardless of what probe is connected to the anode and the cathode.

The maximum voltage the Mooshimeter can put out on the Aux port is about 1.8V. This is just a quirk of the design due to the fact that I designed it as a voltage and current monitor first, and tacked on the resistance measurement/diode drop features afterwards. So it’ll work for silicon and schottky diodes but higher bandgap materials will give you “out of range” as you saw.

2. What’s the difference between “voltage (ac|dc)”, and “auxiliary voltage (ac|dc)? Or in other words, what does the “auxiliary” do that the “normal” does not do?

The Auxiliary port (marked Ω) is almost directly connected to the ADC, while the high voltage port (marked V) goes through a substantial voltage divider. This gives the auxiliary port much higher resolution (should be precise to sub-microvolt) at the cost of reduced range (don’t put more than +-1.2V on that port).

Hope this helps explain