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Mooshimeters maximum for DC is 600V, AC tops out at 420V.

If that voltage drop and really precise power of motor is not that critical, you can easily measure current with current clamp* and at least see and log the changes in motor load. Current clamp will transform current that goes trough it to smaller current or voltage, that is much safer to measure with any multimeter.

* – I tried ebay searches and “ac current transducer” seems to get you mostly right stuff. AC-clamps are cheap and you should go for one first.. Clamps that can do DC also, are much more complex and more expensive.

tino79, fuse rating has very little to do with this, or actually it is not even on the path of voltage. That fuse tries to cut your circuit if there is higher current than that 12A which is it rated for. 600 volt rating is the upper limit that manufacturer can promise it would cut safely.

Depending on the load and impedance of the power supply, those fuses might work just fine for thousands of volts, or explode and break everything at lower than rated voltage, but then you are exceeding fuses breaking capacity, which is in this case 10 000 A (and which is very hard to achieve, when using your mooshimeter for its intended use).

Product page for fuse that came with mooshimeter: