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Fastest way to graph is the graph mode. It is ~live after all. And you could log at the same time. I have taken screenshots to save graphs few times, but that’s quite limited and a bit ghetto way to do things :D

There are more examples: <– and that one should do the trick, even on a phone.

Mooshimeter-wiki actually answers to most of our questions from this forum.. There could (and should) be more content, but at least now it is easy to read completely. I’ll try to check here when i have free time, but as i’m not a native in english, it takes time to write understandable answers. And when we start to talk about measurements, answers should be safe to follow, even with language barriers on both sides. So, it’s mostly safer and faster to check if wiki has the answer and if it doesn’t, or it just raises more questions, then it might be worth it to wait a day or two for someone to notice the question and try to help.