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Hmm.. Tried with 60 second intervals and got within 50 ms for hundreds of lines. Most of those were in 5 ms accuracy.

But of course, i screwed the results by changing what i was logging and it was with much slower sampling. Now I need to try again. Accurate timing was with both channels logging internal temperature at 125Hz/64smpl (auto).

600 s setting, which produced lines with ~10,18 s intervals, was logging temperature and ac-voltage at 4kHz/256smpl.

I now set it to log temp+acv at 60s/4kHz/256smpl. I’ll try to remember to check it after couple hours.

Non related, but with battery indicator showing 19%, trying to start logging crashed mooshimeter. Both batteries were at 1,05 volts when measuring while in mooshimeter, ~minute after removing raised to 1,1 volts. Those only lasted for 1,5 years :D .. Just realized, that i forget to write this date to those new ones, should do it now –>