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Aaargh. reCAPTCHA (which by the way needs upgrade) and couple external distractions made me close a tab without submitting my text.

I tried to update again with:
OnePlus 2, Android 6.0.1
LG Spirit (H440n), Android 6.0

Both failed, seems like the app hangs just before it should start transferring firmware to the meter. It just says “Programming…” for ever, where it should have transferring status in numbers beside progress bar. I did let it stay there for 30 minutes and nothing happened. Just steady blink from led, as in bootloader mode. If i cancel programming, touching anything else than start programming button hangs the app and system offers “not responding” notification.

I dug older phone from scrap pile and tried with:
HTC One, Android 5.0.2

App update, realized it offers older fw, joined beta, another app update and fw-update worked on a first try (with legacy mode). I was feeling lucky and updated another meter without legacy mode and it seems to also work.

Both of my meters are on fw-1522204715 now. I’m not yet scrapping that old phone, as we should have another fw just around the corner. James told earlier this week he has fixed reboot recovery for aux channel settings, but for some reason its not out yet.

So, there is something wrong at least around android 6 and fw updates. All of these phones have been able to do it before, cheapest one (lg) was actually first that i was able to do updates with (it was on android 5 then), before there were legacy mode available, which then helped that HTC to do it.