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Hi Tim
are you a member of the support Team?
The fact is I sent an email to the support at least 15 days ago but they never reply…
I had an issue with the SD card which is ejected systematically when I open the case (on all my Mooshimeters) and actually nobody gave me explanations about this. Another one has a missing reset button…

About my main concern : I am not at all convinced by your reply.
Any basic multimeter with a correct input impedance (10 MΩ) even the cheapest ones that cost a few tenth of bucks are working for my measurements (I tested plenty of them), just because they have an input impedance at least 10 times higher than the ones measured and so the internal circuit of the voltmeter does not interfer with the measurement.
The higher the input impedance of the volmeter is, the better it is for these measurements.
The manual gives >100MΩ for the Mooshimeter on the Ohm terminal so that was meaning some good results because in my cases the measured values are in the kΩ range.
So my question remains : why it is not working compared to a basic multimeter?
thank you for your reply