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As I said, using buffer mode is like shooting in the dark. Only way to save results is grabbing screenshots on the fly, as there isn’t even a pause button for it. Mooshimeter just takes the samples, sends those to phone and starts again, while phone shows resulting graph and waits for more.

I’m not saying that your project cant be done with mooshimeter, it might just be bit hard and you will need multiple tries.

I would start at 125 Hz and 256 samples, which are the slowest possible settings. Then your screen will show data of just over 2 seconds, you should have plenty of time to grab screenshot and get one full uninterrupted swing per view. You will “lose” some data between those buffer bursts, as sampling has to stop while processor is busy dumping data over bluetooth to your phone. In my last answer i told that processing/transferring/etc took 0,1 seconds, in this case its much longer. Instead of 2 values, you are now waiting for 512 (as there are two channels) and that has to take more time. I tried to keep an eye on timeline while buffer mode was on and there seems to be just under 1 second gaps between graphs.

Its hard to explain, but next number-mess is simplest way I can come up without drawing anything :D

First line is “reality” and numbers are supposed to express your experiments swings (1-9) in time (1 character is 1/3 of oscillation period)

122233 455566 788899

That second line expresses timing of three consecutive screenshots. So you would get all values of swings 2, 5 and 8. In reality it wont be that simple, there will be some random component in timing.

Speculation of how to improve(?) mooshi-app for these kind of experiments:

1. It might be possible to slow sampling to even lower than 125 Hz. Maybe its just a number that application tells to multimeter and we could get to something like 25 Hz and 256 samples, so we could get 10 seconds of uninterrupted data.

2. logging option for buffer mode on phone side, so we could analyze data in number form.

3. At least pause button would be nice. Does not really help in experiments of this thread, but i have many times hoped for one.