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Just received my Mooshimeter from Robotshop and I have a couple of issues with it.
My main concern is Resistance. I short the Ohm and Com sockets with a short lead and the meter reads 1.487R, which is unlikely but…. I then tap ‘ZERO’ assuming that will, well ‘Zero’ the reading, which it does. It then says 1.487 in the box where it previously said ‘ZERO’, and the resistance reading is 0.000R, as you’d expect. Now if I remove one end of the cable shorting the connection on the Mooshimeter, the reading displays ‘OUT OF RANGE’, obviously, but the box which previously read 1.487 now reads 0.00000MR, and if I short the sockets again, the resistance reading is 1.487R again, and the same reading is also in the ‘ZERO’ box????.
I would expect tapping ‘ZERO’ to just zero the reading, and when I removed the lead and replaced it, the meter should display a resistance of 0R again.

Am I missing something?