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Hi PureZX!

Yes, app does strange things with resistance+zeroing+autorange.

Zeroing works just fine with manual ranges.

Like you said, it is broken now. If you or automation change ranges, zeroed value is no longer calculated to your results. Value is still shown in zero-box. That is wrong.

I’m not sure what would be the right way to handle it though. Or what other users are doing with it. Someones twisted workflow might get broken, but i’m still going to write couple thoughts of how i think it should work:

Maybe zeroing should be limited to 1 kohm range only. Not sure if that shift in results should be applied on bigger ranges or not, but when back at 1 kohm range, it should go active again. For at least as long as the app is connected to mooshimeter (as that zeroing is probably only made in phone and mooshimeter does not know about it).

In real life, that zero-shift should not be that many ohms (like <5 ohms, I personally get new test leads when old ones go over 2 ohms), so at 1 kohm and over it would disappear in noise and other errors anyway. It should not matter if it is always calculated in results or only when at 1 kohm range.

For a comparison of test leads, if I remember right, Fluke 50 m (~160 feet) protective earth continuity test lead that I use on job sites is only 1.3 ohms.

Actual use case for mooshimeters zeroing feature is to enable us to measure smaller than 20 ohm things, as that was the lower limit on original specs. There are no promises about precision etc at that level.. Check your results, like you should do with any measuring device, if those values really matter to you. I have 4 multimeters at my hands reach now and I most likely use more than one every time i have to measure something ;)