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When the logging function is fully enabled it will only log data to the SD card, correct? Or is there going to be some way to log data directly on the iOS or Android device?

I formatted my SD micro card in FAT32 format and found a small, blank text file written. Thus, I guess that FAT32 was the correct format. I used an older 2GB SD card for this test. Any limits on the SD card size?

Will there be some consideration to having much slower sampling intervals? It looks like 125 Hz is the low end of the sampling rate. I’d be keen to have slower sampling rates, e.g. 10 Hz, 1 Hz, 0.1 Hz. For example, yesterday in a class demo I was looking at the voltage output from a simple ion chamber (build using a tin can and a few simple parts – see We were measuring the radioactive decay of radon-220 from thorium (a small amount of gas in the bottom of a baggie containing an old Colman Lantern mantle is withdrawn using a syringe. the gas is injected into the ion chamber and the voltage (9V max) jumps up. I had students read off the voltage at 10 second intervals from a connected multi-meter and enter the data into a spreadsheet. The data, when plotted on a semi-log plot, yields a straight line indicating an exponential decay. I could use the mooshimeter for this experiment if I had a slower sampling rate.