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I just grabbed my Mooshimeter and the batteries had leaked, unclear what damage may have occurred at this point, cleaned up circuit board the best I could and it is now drying out before I attempt to use it.

Battery type Duracell Alkaline batteries. While I have some concern how the Mooshimeter has the Sleep mode where the meter never turns off causing leakage due to discharge, I have come to the conclusion that Duracell batteries as of the last 5+ years are just garbage. I have had more battery power devices ruined due to Duracell Alkaline batteries over the past 5+ years than I car to count. Over $1k in devices damaged and ruined.

Unfortunately link many I belong to Costco and have been buying the large packs of Duracell batteries from Costco for years. I am surprised someone has not started a Class Action Lawsuit against Duracell at this point, but with most Class Action Lawsuits the end users gets next to nothing.

Do your home work on battery leakage Warranties. Duracell and EverReady REQUIRE a receipt for proof of purchase! Come on how many people will keep ever receipt for batteries they buy over the years and how can either you or the battery supplier match up the battery to the receipt?? This is just ANOTHER was to avoid responsibility due to battery leakage.

I have a very expensive Fluke Power Line Analyzer that had the batteries leak in it and do a LOT of damage to the device. LUCKILY I had Rayovac Alkaline batteries in this Fluke device. Rayovac has a Leakage Guarantee and you DO NOT need a receipt or proof of purchase!!!! It has been 2 months and I am waiting on Rayovac to either repair, replace or refund my money for the meter. They did send me replacement batteries per the Guarantee, so they have for the most part excepted responsibility, but they are not moving quick enough for my schedule. We will see what Rayovac does at the end of the day, but if the device would have had Duracell or EverReady batteries, I would be SOL.

A word to the WISE, if any device you have batteries in is worth more than $25, use Lithium batteries, while more expensive, you will be FAR better off at the end of the day with no damage. I would ALSO recommend that the batteries be REMOVED after each use, this is hard to remember to do, but this is the best approach.

If my Mooshimeter is damaged and will not work, unclear if I will replace it due to the seeming lack of continued support. I might consider a Mooshimeter version 2 if one ever comes to market. Great idea, but not sure it has been supported like it should have been.

Anyway, REMOVE the batteries from your Mooshimeter NOW before it is too late. Consider Rayovac or Lithium batteries and still removed them before you store your meter!