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Hi guys. I am the one who started the broadcast intent idea so the mooshimeter app could implement future features using Tasker. And it does work. Without knowing what you have already tried, the first easy thing to check is that you turned on the global broadcast intents in the mooshimeter app. The global setting page is the same page used to set temperature readings to C or F. Also, for the unmodified Google Play Mooshimeter app, the broadcast intent action is com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH1 or com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH2 . But I could be wrong, since it changed a couple of times.

If that is not the issue, I may not be able to help much because I use a modified version of the mooshimeter app. I wanted the third channel (MATH) which the stock app does not do. Also I wanted to be able to get the meter battery level. So I changed the app code so all three channels and battery voltage are in a single intent to make it easier to use in Tasker. I took the 34beta version ( build 1477971088) and made changes and recompiled. It works with 2-year old Tasker on an android 4.4 phone, an android 5.1 phone, and a Google Pixel2 running android 9 with the latest version of Tasker.

So one possible option would be for you to download this modified apk (MooshimeterBeta34-BcastIntent.apk) from 2 years ago and “side load” it into your phone. Android security will complain, but you can install it anyway. You can find the file and the write-up here .
Good luck.