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Hi Jean,

You’re right on all counts. The only version information for phones and operating systems is on the crowdfunding page at Dragon Innovation.

The good news is the last of the pre-order shipments got out the door this morning, which means I’m working on support resources now. I’ll answer your specific questions here and port them to the support page as well because they come up frequently.

Re: logging feature: This feature is not finished yet and will require an app update. Data will be available on the SD card in a binary format with conversion tools to create CSV. SD cards accepted are SD and SDHC, so any SD card up to 32GB should work.

Re: Opening the slots: This will void the CATIII 600V rating. The SD card slot is not electrically isolated from the terminals, so if you touch the SD card while the leads are plugged in, you risk electrical shock.

Re: Small sidefacing button: This is a hard reset button. In the event of a glitch or a freeze it lets you restart the meter without removing the batteries.

More soon, thank you!