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I think it removes them actually from the card on the mooshimeter.

But that’s strange. I tried with biggest font and some other display-size-setting on max and still the trashcan was there. So it is not a fitment issue, which came to mind while seeing our screenshots side by side. Your screen seems to be just a little lower resolution, but I have used this app on way lower ones.

Could you try with other phone/tablet? Or re-install with current one.
Which app version you have? (mine is: 1.0.38 (2214))
What’s the firmware on the mooshimeter? (mine: 1522204715)

Those versions are almost 3 years old, so it would be safe to assume you have the same ones. But your mooshimeter-logo has colors in it, mine is gray. Can’t remember if I have had that one sometime, but it seems vaguely familiar. Maybe you really have an older app/fw?