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Hi Brett,

Sorry for the delayed response.

That is quite odd. Can’t think of what would cause a disconnect after roughly 10 minutes…

A few units have been found to have defective batteries. Have you tried resetting the meter, and if that doesn’t work, changing the batteries? I just put a video up of how to do that here:

Hi Ty,

Hmm… that’s quite strange indeed. I saw a behavior like that when I was writing the auto-ranging but I thought it had been hammered out. If you put the meter in resistance mode and turn off autoranging, does the oscillation still happen? My hunch is that when the meter switches ranges, for example from the 1Meg to 10k range, the current source is switching from 100nA output to 100uA output and it’s taking too long to settle. When it takes too long to settle it will give an out of range reading, causing it to switch ranges back to the old setting.

If that’s the problem it means a tweak in the autoranging code to allow a little more settling time in the next update.