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And…I’m back. Did not want to deal with AT&T regarding a phone upgrade (yet), so I found a reasonable (I think) tablet. It’s an HP 7 G2 with Android 4.4.2 and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. I loaded the original app.apk, and it found my Mooshimeter noting the following: Version 1.02, 20:CD:39:AO:AB:FD, Rssi -10dBm. But I could not do anything from there. The tablet’s built-in Bluetooth “sees” Mooshimeter V.1 as an “Available Device” and will pair with it, but subsequent trials of various apks (inc. app-stable.apk, app-latest.apk, and app-initial.apk) do not work. All of the apks say “Android device is not scanning…” The built-in Bluetooth still sees Mooshimeter V.1, but BLE apparently doesn’t as it just sits in a perpetual scanning state.