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My measuring setup has also other connectors for the actual current path, banana plugs are just for connecting to multimeter.

I remembered that i had those cheap Chinese current transformers for that, but actually it was a way nicer 125/5A one. As our household sockets go up to 16A (@230V) here in Finland, I had looped a wire 5 times through it to get 25/5A and could easily connect that to ampere input.

I got stackable safety banana plugs, so i could have neutral and one wire of that natively potential free current transformer output connected to C-connector on the meter at once, but still being able to use them separately without tools. Just have to remember that I should not touch that current transformer while connected, specially as our schuko-plugs aren’t polarized and could be inserted in two ways to the sockets (which should be internally connected so that live is on the right or down side, but you could never trust it).

With that setup it is quite easy and safe to log how different appliances behave on a little longer time periods.

With the mentioned Chinesium ct-clamps (blue, split core, comes with audio-plugs on a lead, cheap) and my two mooshimeters I have logged my whole house consumption for months. One channel for some phase voltage and three channels for three phase currents. I got surprisingly clean signal from 30A/1V transformers (most houses/apartments here have 3x25A main fuses), even with one mooshimeter channel being actually for 60/600 volts.

I have seen those line splitters on youtube etc, but those are not a thing here. It might help in some rare cases, but as an electrician I usually find some easy and safe place to stuck my current clamp anyway. And with that thing, you would have to measure voltage separately, so i think my extension cord with old lunchbox in the middle wins :D