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Hi Eric,

You might also have corrupt firmware. Being able to see the meter immediately after reset is consistent with that behavior. I’ll explain here and port this to the FAQ later:

The meter has two firmware images on it. The Bootloader image is read-only, and the Application image can be overwritten by the Bootloader. When the meter is reset or first boots up, the Bootloader runs for 5 seconds, and if nobody connects to it in that time, it boots the Application firmware.

If the Application firmware was somehow corrupted, the Bootloader will still run, but the Application firmware will fail. That sounds like what’s happening with your meter.

If you’d like to exchange your meter I can send you a shipping label for the return. Or you can wait for the firmware upload process to improve (I anticipate pushing some new features for Android this week that should let you rewrite the firmware). Let me know your thoughts. All the best and sorry for the trouble.