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Hi Matthijs,
my first guess is, please check the version of your android x86 image. the parsing error sounds like you have 4.2 or lower, which does not meet mooshimeters requirements for bluetooth low energy (ble) aka bluetooth smart. i used “android-x86-4.4-r2.iso” from

before starting the vm, the bluetooth usb stick has to be inserted in the pc. after starting the vm with android 4.4 i only installed the mooshimeter app via browser. check if bluetooth is enabled and pair your mooshimeter device(s) in the bluetooth settings. then the mooshimeter app should see the devices.

because the screen rotation problem, i installed “Ultimate Rotation Control” but this runs only 7 days unless the app has to be paid. there might be other free tools that do the same.

i just found out, that i can use the graph mode even in the vm. switching between text and graph mode is done by STRG+F10 and STRG+F12.

i have no experience with virtualbox, i only used vmware player but i saw on youtube that virtualbox should be fine too with using usb devices from the host.

At last, here is a screenshot from the graph mode in the vm, while a solar panel was connected to the mooshimeter, y-axis is in correlation to the solar current: