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Hi Armando and Boyd,

Writing a blog update now. The jist of it is that I’ve been a little bogged down in the differences between SD cards. Ideally I’d like logging to work whether or not you have an active BLE connection to the smartphone. But in practice, some SD cards take longer to interact with than others, which can cause violations of BLE’s strict timing requirements and drop the connection (since there is only one MCU in the meter). The first version of the firmware with logging will start logging after you disconnect from the smartphone using whatever settings you were using while connected.

Armando’s questions:
– looks like logging will be possible for only two channels contemporary. Do you confirm?
Confirmed, only 2 channels will be logged.

– will the logged track timeline RTC or only elapsed time?
The logs will be RTC timestamped. The smartphone app syncs the meter’s clock with the phone when you connect.

– will be available a kind of linearization ( eg volt/bar etc) of not?
I’m not sure what you mean here… the user can specify a logging interval and then pull the data off the SD card later as a CSV for analysis, but the meter itself does no math.

Thanks guys, sorry for the slow update on this one.