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Hi Marc,
It works!
The rotating I haven’t fixed yet, though (because I didn’t put any effort in it, so far ;-). I had another bluetooth 4.0 usb-adapter as you did: the Speedlink Vias SL-7411-BK (14 €) But it shows up in my VM as: CSR8510 just like yours.

So here for all who would like to have the app running on their desktop/laptop computer under Windows, MacOs or Linux.

The way I did it was through Oracle Virtual Machine…
The first step is to download this free program.
and select your platform

Second step is to download the right = latest available (4.4 or higher) Android.iso file to install within the Virtual Machine.

The right way to get the Iso installed is perfectly step-by-step explained on the following page:

Once you have your Android running (and hopefully also your internet on it…)
You download the app: and select the latest apk-file
(when you do so within Androids browser, you can immediately install the app.
However when the internet isn’t working (you don’t need internet in Android to run the app)
you can do the following: Download the app to a usb stick.
Once it is on a stick, you have to enable Android to mount/gain access to the stick.
How to is similar to getting Bluetooth accessible for Android and explained below)

The following lines explain how to get usb peripherals accessible and working for Android.
Go to the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager
Open settings and select USB
On the right side border select +
Select the peripheral you want Android to gain access to (and take over the access from the host operating system until you’ve closed VM again)
Select the Bluetooth adapter and/or the USB stick you need
Wait for the host system to install the according drivers to the guest system and you’re done.

Either you now install the app from your stick and get started, or you open the app and confirm the starting of Bluetooth.
For me it worked!

Oh and yes, the app runs rotated 90 CCW (or at least this version does).
I use an old laptop, which either I set on its side or in which I set the whole desktop rotated in the nvidia software.
(In that latter case it is useful to save your icon settings beforehand, and beware, using a mouse then becomes adventurous)
And: in the top menu of your VM Android window you might need to go to: View (or something similar, I don’t use the English version) and select a scalable window.

That’s it so far.