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I understand your concerns with thermocouple accuracy and readability by the Mooshimeter. I brought this feature up because I believe that the capability is well within Mooshimeter’s abilities. There are a lot of el-cheapo handheld DMM’s out there that have this feature and they are generally accurate to within a few degrees, which is close enough for most user’s needs. For instance, the appliance industry uses this DMM feature on a daily basis. Refrigerators and different cooking appliances are measured frequently, I personally perform this type of measurement several times per work day. I currently whip out my Mooshimeter in my customer’s homes for frequent voltage, resistance, and current measurements and the more educated and worldly of them pretty much freak out- they have never seen a product like this and ask many questions. They are totally blown away and impressed!

Simply adding a “standard” set of pre-programmed tables (even better, allow calibration) that offer usability to the most common, off-the-shelf thermocouples and BAM… Just knowing that 1 degree Celsius is .059 mV is fine, attempting to memorize a chart up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit is not. IMO cold junction compensation is not generally required in most applications- I believe that there would only be a very small percentage of users who would need that level of accuracy- ever. Most users would not need a .001° C resolution. Measurements like that are usually taken in lab settings within a very controlled environment with very specific requirements and for highly specialized reasons. Just not what I believe the Mooshimeter was intended for, however, compared to the average DMM offering, this device is freaking off the chain.


High Precision Voltage:

Up to 100mV with <15nV per count resolution
Up to 1.2V with <200nV per count resolution

I think that covers the thermocouple readability and usability.