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Hi James, thanks for the reply. It’s taken me a while to get back to this.

I had a look at the batteries as you suggested, they seem to be fine, producing 5 amps on short circuit and reading 1.4 v while the meter is running. I cleaned the terminals and contacts, bent them a bit tighter, and put it back together. This might have improved things – while the logging is still quite buggy, the meter hasn’t crashed again.

I’ve figured out that a bright orange flash means that it’s logging, while a small orange flash is the beacon. This is good, allows me to see if it is logging or not.
It takes 5 or 10 seconds to start logging, after you disconnect. And while it’s logging, it’s difficult to connect, especially if it’s logging often, but you can get through to it.

I tried several more logging runs on a freshly formatted Sandisk 512 MB card, and a Sandisk 64 MB card.

The 99 files problem is still happening, only on the 512 card (but not many data points to support that), I didn’t get all 99, but got several one-line files, when I always left it running for many log periods.

The 10-second logging, when it does work, produces a file with entries 5 seconds apart. I haven’t checked if they are just mis-labelled in time, or actually taken at the wrong interval.

Some strange things happen when converting them to CSV. Apart from the tab separator, which I’ve removed from my CONV.PY, I find strange incorrect column headers.

Logging with Ch1 temperature and Ch2 AC voltage, gives these columns:

Time[s] INT Temp[C] (blank) RMS INT Temp[C] RMS
28008.8 -0.236309 23.000874 0 -271.530`
Something strange going on here – the temperature column is now a small negative number, the real temperature is in a column with a blank heading, and the RMS is -271.5. What are the RMS columns on the right? Why does the termperature RMS come out as -271?

For this problem, could you perhaps release a new version of CONV.PY, that produces the right column headers and things?

So my logging questions and requests are:

1a) Why the 99 files with one line in them? It’s particularly frustrating because it flashes that it’s logging, but is actually creating the 99 files and will soon run out of filenames.
1b) Is there a way to prevent this, a work-around or specific way of setting up or operating the meter, before the firmware update

2) Logging timing is wrong, or it’s not being reported correctly

3) Strange headers in the CSV files, and strange columns

4) It would be nice to be able to set the time in the Android app…

5) It would be good to have positive confirmation that logging is taking place and working. A button in the app, saying Start Logging, that then switches to a new screen, staying connected, where it tells me “Logging at 10 second intervals. SD card free space 44 MB. 5 data points collected in this logging run. Measuring AC voltage and DC current.” When re-connecting to a meter that’s logging, I should see that it’s logging, see the last reading it took, and be offered the chance to stop logging to go back to real-time mode, or disconnect and leave it logging. This would be more workable.

Thanks for your effort so far, looking forward to some upgrades as we go along.