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I failed you. Sorry, I remember reading your question, then thinking “what would it take to make this possible?”, following a mental rabbit hole and forgetting to follow up.

Bear with me here, there’s some nuance…

It’s possible to sample and log every sample at 8kHz, BUT it would get a little choppy. The meter can buffer 256 samples at a time, so it could record 256/8kHz = 32ms of data before having to write it to disk. Writing a 512 byte sector to disk takes 0.2-2ms, the buffer is 1536 bytes or 3 sectors, so we’re looking at 0.6-6ms to write it to disk. So in my judgement it’s possible but a little choppy – you would have a short gap every 32ms. Also I don’t know what the battery life would be like in this mode, if the meter is on full-bore all the time and writing to disk I think it will only last about a week on fresh AA’s.

This is one of the reasons I avoid calling the Mooshimeter an oscilloscope. It can do some of the things an oscilloscope can do, but it wasn’t designed to be an oscope :)

As far as this feature actually making it in to the firmware and app – because of the way the new firmware is written it’s quite easy to implement, so I can work that in, but updates to the app will take longer (there’s a major overhaul underway involving outside contractors).

Hope this sheds some light on the issue, thanks