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Hi James, Thanks for the reply. I’ll try to explain why I’d like to see the logging feature improved:

To me the Mooshimeter is about convenience. It’s not especially cheap, and it doesn’t do anything that can’t be done with normal meters, but it’s compact enough to carry around and the wireless display is handy in certain situations.

Data logging is where the convenience starts to falter. To read a log file I need to
– find a screwdriver
– find a card reader
– find a PC
– figure out how to install a Python interpreter

I work in a large laboratory where I can be using any one of hundreds of different computers, so the Python installation needs to be done each time. Many of those computers don’t allow for extra software installation at all. Even at home I have a number of computers of different kinds, none of which have a Python interpreter. I can (just about) put up with removing the memory card, but the software hassles are enough to make me reach for an alternative solution.

I think the Mooshimeter is a fantastic idea and I use mine frequently. I hope it continues to evolve.