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Hi James-

Typically the signals I’m trying to log are somewhat dynamic, so higher frequency logging is required. For this particular case I was reading an analog output pressure sensor trying to capture a transient spike, so I needed the fastest rate the mooshi could deliver. For what its worth, I’ve found the logging to be pretty reliable if I keep my phone connected via the app.

Your response explains why I see highly variable sample times in the logged data, especially when pushing the mooshi up to the maximum speed.

The curse of the developer is everyone has different (usually conflicting) requirements; mine would be for a mooshi that can log reliably (and somewhat evenly) at 100Hz. I’m less concerned about battery life, as our tests typically run less than 3 hours. Streaming of the log files (or logging in the app) would be a great addition too. Overall the mooshi is a great tool for adding some last minute instrumentation in a hard to reach spot. Keep up the good work!