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Hi Kestrel,

That sounds like you’ve gone through all the steps I would suggest for diagnosing the meter, really sorry for the trouble.

Just making sure I understand: the pattern you’re seeing is 2 long slow blinks, 2 quick blinks, a few seconds of delay, then repeat from the beginning? Or is it 2 long slow blinks, 2 quick blinks, then just an occasional blink?

If it’s the latter, the meter might have reset to shipping mode somehow, try waking it up by shorting the Ω and C inputs together for 10 seconds or so.

One more question/thing to try: Is there an SD card in the meter? If so can you try removing and seeing if the behavior changes? Kind of a long shot but I’ve seen defective SD cards cause reboot loops.

If none of those are the case, I think you’ve done your due diligence so we’ll happily exchange the unit. This is the second unit we’ve heard of misbehaving after 6 months in the field so it’s important to us to get them back and understand any latent issues so we can address them.

Please follow up with so you’re not posting addresses in a public forum.

Sorry again for the trouble, thank you!