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Ville: I’m very happy you got it working!

Kestrel: I’m very glad you got your meter mostly working, HOWEVER: If I understand you correctly, you managed it by uploading an old version of firmware. I am quite sure this old version of firmware will give you incorrect resistance and current readings.

Both Ville and Kestrel: I am quite sure the culprit in the failed upload is the accelerated firmware upload (another user has reported, over email, similar difficulties). Unfortunately the accelerated process just seems to fail on some Android phones. Fortunately Google doesn’t have a long waiting period for uploading new apps.

So I see the clearest path forward as this: I’ll add a “legacy upload” button to the firmware upload page, which uses the old (and slow) method of firmware update, but obviously uploads the new firmware image. I expect to have this in place by Wednesday.

Further reading only if you’re interested:
Why is this happening: In the push to get the first run of Mooshimeters out the emphasis was always in measurement accuracy, reliability and making sure all the features work. Those earlier versions of firmware, and the apps, were written with the assumption that there was only one kind of Mooshimeter in the world. But the second manufacturing run has some subtle differences that the firmware needs to account for. So the new versions of firmware and the apps first check to see what version of hardware they’re dealing with and act accordingly, but the old versions will plow blindly forwards despite there being slight differences in the hardware.

Thank you both for your reports on getting around these issues, they really help in coming up with solutions. All the best