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Hi Kestrel,

Thanks again for the details. They really help nail the problems down.

I was not expecting dead batteries. Should a early first run meter with very little used and stored in hibernate mode have dead batteries?

I suspect your meter was affected by a power consumption bug that I fixed back in March – details here. I’ll just quote the relevant text:

In hammering out the logging feature I found a nasty bug that was causing excess current draw in standby mode. The bug raises the quiescent current draw from <10uA to about 300uA. This bug lowers the expected battery life of the meter to less than a year. So performing a firmware update is highly recommended! Technical explanation: The bug was one of the oldest in the book. There is an IO line with a 10K pulldown resistor on the MCU that was being driven high and not reset when the MCU goes to sleep.

So if you’ve just updated to the latest firmware, I think you are all set regarding the power consumption issue. Now, regarding:

Selecting manual voltage range results in 600v range being selected. Once it is selected, the app crashes immediately on connection

I don’t have a fast answer for this one, that’s very strange. I’ll test it out.

More soon, thanks again!