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Hi Adam,

To update the firmware you must do a hard reset of the meter and connect to it while it’s still in bootloader mode (indicated by long slow LED flashes). You can see it demonstrated in this video. Please ignore the audio though, the commentary is out of date.

The latest firmware build is 1447458797. You’re right, I should start including the version numbers. I overlooked it because the version number is actually an epoch time (seconds since 1970), so 1447458797 is a little before midnight GMT on Fri. 13 2015, and in my mind people users would recognize that as an indication of the freshness of the firmware. But now that you’ve made me think back on it, I don’t think that’s apparent to anyone.

Regarding iOS version: iOS9 is fine, I will update that section of the FAQ.

Thank you for the detailed feedback, please let me know if other issues come up! Best,