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Hi Peter,

I’m very sorry it broke buffer mode for you… we’ll test this again. Thank you for testing this, it’s why we do beta releases! Can you revert to the production release of the app until we push another version?

Most of the changes in this release were under the hood, trying to address why firmware updates from Android fail so frequently. I wrote a blog post about it here:

Android Swapping BLE Packet Payloads

We’ve been focusing on improving the firmware update process because there is a major firmware update in the pipeline. Honestly though with the number of issues that seem to come up working with Android both in the device discovery process and in the upload process we’re considering dropping firmware uploads from the Android app entirely and forcing users to borrow an iOS device. It would be a small, fixed amount of pain rather than a highly variable amount of pain depending on your device, Android version, etc. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Sorry again for the trouble, we’ll revisit the buffer mode in the beta and push a new version soon. Happy Holidays!