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Thank you so much Ben,

I read through things but somehow missed that early post or just glanced at it since I use Android.

It is funny but the meter is blinking every 1 to 1-1/5 seconds briefly even when asleep with the latest firmware. I did once get it to write files to a 2GB card but missed the combination of how to get it to do it again. To clarify is it FAT (16) or FAT32 as FAT (16) won’t let me go over a 4GB partition. I also am running Android 4.4.4 (rooted).

I just did this w/o and with a card and a 10 second sampling interval and the meter seems to still be communicating even when I go back to the scan page and then select exit. If I close the app out by swiping in Android the LED then reverts to a solid one second blink with no card which fools me, especially if I’m set for 1 second sampling and not familiar with the various flash patterns. The same setup with a 10GB FAT32 card installed and 10s sample appears to be communicating even though I exited and disconnected as above. Only after I swipe away the app in Android does it go into the 10 second interval (long dim with brief bright flash at end) with no one second flash (finally!).

I think there is a bug when there is no card (and maybe with a car) where the meter never goes in to low power mode properly when exiting (improperly) or when put to sleep as I have had it flashing 1 second intervals for days now even when I just close and kill the app. Only by using the back menu item, selecting exit (which gets me the “Goodbye” notification) and then swiping the app out of memory will it go into a mode w/o the one second flash. Even if I “unplug” the app before using exit it still flashes once a second after killing it. I got it to go quiet once but getting it that way with a card installed is hot or miss it seems. Sorry if this is confusing as it is not repeatable in how it acts when exiting and not logging. One other thing is I exited “properly with no card and killed the app and had the 1 second flash. When I plugged in the card the LED flickered like it was communicating with the card and then the meter stopped the one second blinking (it is doing the occasional dim flicker and will reconnect). I was able to reconnect and exit (without killing the app afterwards and now get no one second blink. I know – a video would help clarify all this :-). It just seems the app and meter get confused under certain circumstances.

Also in one of the latest blogs on new firmware I think it mentioned that logging can happen while connected or I interpreted it that way. If so then I would set up logging, disconnect as the blog ways and then reconnect or will logging stop when I reconnect?

James, Could this be included in the PDF manual so others won’t have to go through the blogs to discover it. If I had tried logging from the beginning I probably would have seen this but others probably won’t think to review all the blogs.

Again thanks.