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Thanks Mark –

FAT16 or FAT32 should both work. As long as the card is SD or SDHC, it should work (this covers almost all SD cards up to 32GB). Cards larger than 32GB are SDXC, which don’t work with the meter.

Reading your description of the behaviors… I think I understand what’s happening. It sounds like Android is keeping the BLE connection alive even after you press the plug icon, which should disconnect it.

Why I think this: The meter will write to the SD card every time it takes a sample. When it is connected, it waits for the phone to request samples. When it is disconnected, it takes samples on a timer. It sounds like what’s happening is that your phone is improperly disconnecting, so the meter is not logging because it’s connected but no samples are requested. This might explain why swiping the app away (force closing) in Android changes the meter’s behavior and makes it start logging based on the timer.

“Also in one of the latest blogs on new firmware I think it mentioned that logging can happen while connected or I interpreted it that way. If so then I would set up logging, disconnect as the blog ways and then reconnect or will logging stop when I reconnect?”

Reconnecting should not stop the logging… logging should continue until the meter is reset, the batteries die, or logging is turned off manually from the app.

“James, Could this be included in the PDF manual so others won’t have to go through the blogs to discover it. If I had tried logging from the beginning I probably would have seen this but others probably won’t think to review all the blogs.”

Definitely, I know the docs are out of date. Logging has been an evolving feature over the past year and the documentation hasn’t kept up to date. I’ll update it soon.

So bottom line – I think the proper procedure for you will be to:
1. Connect to the meter and configure it to measure what you want to measure
2. Turn logging on (button should be green)
3. Force close the app, since disconnecting from within the app seems not to work on your platform
4. Retrieve the SD card to read out the logs.

I hope that flow works for you, please let me know how it goes.