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Thanks James. That’s valuable information.

Burst graph: Indeed, changing the sampling frequency to the min (125 Hz) and the number of samples to the max (256) gives ~2 seconds of data. Could have probably figured that out myself – but if it’s nowhere in any doc (and not self explained in the app), a number of other beginners may miss that feature as well.

To answer your question, I’m analyzing how A and V are behaving in an electro mechanical system, during ~2-3″. 125 Hz is enough, but if possible 1024 samples would allow in this case 8″ of data, more time to setup → less stress and handing error..

Code Pretty busy now, but I’d love to look at the code and customize a few things. The git code is 3 month old seemingly. Will it receive the new coming update?
Is the firmware on git as well?

My subjective 2 cents:

All in all I’m pretty satisfied with the MM, and the extended burst sampling to 2″ is good news.

The device seems pretty strong. Noticed during hibernation the led flashes every ~2″ (instead of 10) but maybe the doc was not updated. Also had some troubles to wake it up and see it in the app (removed batteries, reset, …, killed the app…). Now it seems the sleep/wake cycle operates flawlessly [could have been the beginner’s mistake!].

I look forward to the upgrade, especially graph side!
Keep up the good work!