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Thank you Yves,

To answer your question, I’m analyzing how A and V are behaving in an electro mechanical system, during ~2-3″. 125 Hz is enough, but if possible 1024 samples would allow in this case 8″ of data, more time to setup → less stress and handing error..

Very cool. Another product on the horizon that might be of interest to you:

It’s not mine but I’m friends with Jonathan. We’re talking about synchronizing our BLE profiles so we can share apps, but nothing there is finalized yet so no promises.

● Code Pretty busy now, but I’d love to look at the code and customize a few things. The git code is 3 month old seemingly. Will it receive the new coming update?
Is the firmware on git as well?

That’s accurate, I’ve been deep in a firmware overhaul and haven’t touched the iOS or Android app for a few months. I have not open sourced the firmware, only the apps themselves.

I’m testing the new firmware right now, the update goes deep. The biggest thing it does is really clean up the BLE interface, so hopefully by the time you get to look at the app source code it will be much simplified.

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback! Let me know how else I can help. Best