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Thanks Cesar! I try to answer your questions below:

Will Current Clamp measurements for current be added anytime soon?

Right now current clamps are supported, but automatic conversion of units within the app is not.

Which port you want to plug in to depends on what kind of clamp you are using… I assume since you are working on automotive, you are using a DC current clamp with a voltage output. In this case, you can plug it in to either the voltage input (marked V) or the aux input (marked Ω, set the Mooshimeter to measure Aux Voltage DC). Since DC meters have a volts-to-amps conversion factor, you will need to do the conversion mentally for now.

Here’s an example of me using a current clamp with an early version of the app and meter:

Measuring Small Resistances in Live Circuits

Would using the mooshimeter as a scope be a possibility in the future?

I’m always careful not to call the Mooshimeter an oscilloscope because it has 8000Hz max sample rate and no hardware triggering capability. Have you discovered the trend mode of the app, which gives you a graph over time? We’re working to improve the update rate of the graph and are aiming to release those in the next few weeks. So I think I can say the graphing ability will improve, but I don’t want to call it an oscilloscope :)

Thank you, please let me know how else I can help! Happy metering!