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Hi guys,

Nefarious, I owe you an apology and I think I know what problem you encountered. Were the current measurements off by a factor of exactly 8?

There was a manufacturing change between the original meters used to fulfill the crowdfunding campaigns (and some subsequent orders) and a later manufacturing run. It was accounted for in the iOS and Android apps, but wasn’t handled in the Python API.

Speaking programmer to programmer: I’m unhappy right now with the protocol to the Mooshimeter, because it required the host (Android,iOS,or PC) to know specific hardware details about the meter itself. I haven’t posted in the blog recently because I’m deep in an overhaul that should provide a much cleaner interface to the meter… values will be calculated in firmware and transmitted in native units over the air, no more conversion on the iOS/Android side.

Unfortunately that’s not quite ready yet because the overhaul goes deep. If you’d like a preview of it you can look at the dev branch of the repository.

If you run in to more issues please feel free to post gists to the forum.