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Hello James,
I am very interested in the python API because i use it to log solar panel data via bluetooth with a pi for almost a year now. by accident i noticed now, that my max. power measurements were very low for the last three months. yesterday my power meter showed >100W and mooshimeter still 30-35W (as every day) so i took a deeper look. it turned out, that the problem was linked to me doing a firmware update and connecting the android app to the mooshimeter three months ago. the app must have set the AMP range to something else than 10A, because my python programm logged max. current 2.3A.

now i come to the reason why i write here in nefarius2001’s post:

Is there any further documentation on the python API? For example I can set different Ranges for current and voltage in android, yet there is only one “setHVRange” function.

Is there a possibility to set the AMP range fixed to 10A in the “old” python API?