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Hi Chris,

No problem – sorry it’s a little confusing but your meter is behaving correctly.

  • When logging is enabled, the sample is logged to the SD card every time the meter completes a sample.
  • When the meter is connected to the phone, it is sampling continuously. This is why you see a sample in the log ever .3 seconds.
  • When the meter is disconnected with logging is enabled, it does the following:
    • Sleep for the selected logging interval (1s in your case)
    • Wake up, allow the ADC to settle (takes about a second on PCB RevI)
    • Run a sampling cycle (takes about .3 seconds if you have the default settings for measuring DC selected)
    • So the total time between samples will be about 2.3 seconds even though the logging interval selected is only 1s.

I hope this explains it. Best