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Hi Marc,

Glad you figured it out. That’s quite odd that it’s logging whenever the SD card is inserted… the meter should respect the “LOGGING:ON” or “LOGGING:OFF” setting you see in the iOS app.

Regarding metadata/headers being written in to the log files: the header block is rewritten every time the settings change. This is something I’m rethinking, as I have also gotten frustrated scrolling through spreadsheets picking out headers.

Also regarding logging interval being off by about 1.3 seconds: there’s a legacy reason for this which I discuss in this thread if you’re interested. Bottom line though is I’m going to try to change that behavior in another firmware release.

Thanks for understanding the pains of working on such a wimpy processor. There are limitations to it I didn’t even realize when I started… like the whole TI BLE stack crashing and burning if you hog the processor too long doing math. And 24-bit math takes a long time on an 8-bit 8051. I sometimes cast longing glances at the Nordic lineup and think about what could have been. But there are too many Mooshimeters in the wild not to support such a switch. TI has wised up though and released the CC2640, which looks quite exciting and I might use it on the next product.