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Hi Tim,

The averaging window is not a moving window, the Mooshimeter fills up the whole buffer, calculates the metrics (average or RMS), and sends the calculated value over the BLE link. So if you’re set to the default 125Hz, 32smpl, you’ll get a mean value roughly every .26 seconds.

If you want to increase this rate in the graph’s “trend mode”, you can increase the sampling frequency. I can’t say for sure how far this will get you though, because on many Android phones it’s the BLE that’s the bottleneck.

Another approach, depending on what you’re trying to measure, would be to keep the sample rate low (125Hz) and increase the buffer depth all the way to 256. Then use the graph in “buffer mode”, which will display one complete buffer at a time (256/125Hz = 2 seconds of data). You’ll miss a lot of data because the time to transmit the frame will dominate the sampling cycle, but if your signal is periodic it might give you the insight you’re looking for.

I hope this is helpful, please let me know how else I can help. Best