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Haha.. Had to test, as I did (wrongly) remember that there was beeper in beta-app. Set sound on, knowing that it is really speech (which might also have beeper as option with selectable limit? Should be faster to tell shorts..).

Out of range was funny.. It says about “out o-fahrenheit r-a-nge” ;)

This happens on oneplus-two (android 5.1.1 / oxygenos 2.2.1 / finnish language (no speech support, so speech is in english))

Actually i would not use mooshimeter as beeper that much.. I mostly have “stupid” (fluke 87) meter with me, so i have more hands available to work without having to mind about phone dropping (fluke has really nice magnetic strap) etc.. And bluetooth range might be little too short for testing installed cables, so i would again use my fluke, but this time with added pmr-phone with baby alarm on to tell if i shorted right wires kilometer away ;)

Hmm.. What about remote-access to mooshimeter with other phone to do same thing over mobiledata/wlan? Should be able to do that already with remote desktop.. Have to try that some day :D