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Hi Bob,

When I started this project (mid-2013), Windows did not have any support for BLE devices. Marginal support was added in Windows 8, but it wasn’t until Windows 10 (released mid 2015) that Windows itself started supporting BLE, and even then it was quite buggy and immature.

I wrote the BLED112 python wrappers as a compromise solution because I wanted those who needed it to have PC access to the Mooshimeter, and at the time it was the most viable OS independent solution (internally, it’s a serial port, so it works on Windows/Mac/Linux with almost the same python scripts).

I’d definitely like to improve PC support in the future, but right now the vast majority of users are mobile. When I have some time (right now I’m neck deep in the mobile apps) I’ll revisit the new options for PC support.

Hope this explains some of the decisions, let me know if there’s something I can do to help in the meantime. Best