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Sine buffer mode
That is a snapshot of my graph in buffer mode from the mooshimeter android beta app. The peak to peak voltages appear to match my display readings. The buffer mode really is a nice feature. When measuring a signal such as a unfiltered full rectified wave, neither Vp nor Vavg nor Vrms tell the whole story like a Oscope does. And this buffer mode graph is certainly useful as a psudo-Oscope for low frequency signals.

However (why is there always a however?), I ran into the same issues that MoFoQ did when trying to access buffer mode. I have 4 cheapie pre-paid phones which I never activate and just use as dedicated devices for projects such as this. The two phones with android 4.4.2 can access buffer mode with no problem. The two phones with android 5.01 or 5.1 cannot access buffer mode. Long pressing the square button does not do it. I tried many combinations on both phones and could not get it. I searched the internet and sadly the old “menu” button is just not available on some android 5 phones. Gotta love Android!