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I’m seeing behaviour similar to that described above. It’s quite reproducible:

Starting with a freshly reset Mooshimeter, the meter’s LED flashes once every 5s, plus a dim flash every 10s. For a while the Mooshimeter will connect to the phone OK, but after about 37 minutes the 5s flashes stop and the Mooshimeter will no longer connect.

When this happens the Mooshimeter still appears in the app’s list of devices, and the indicated signal strength fluctuates (making me think there’s a real connection). But now the app gets stuck at “Initialising”. If I try a second time to connect, the Mooshimeter does not appear in the scan list at all. Rebooting the phone does not help, it seems the Mooshimeter itself has crashed. As soon as I reset the Mooshimeter the phone connects once more.

The dim 10s LED flash continues throughout.

I’ve repeated this cycle 3 times, and it seems consistent.

App 1.0.22(1820)
FW 1462564395
Nexus 5 with Android 6.0.1
No devices connected to the Mooshimeter inputs, no memory card installed, fresh batteries