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      I got my mooshimeter 4 days ago (saturday morning). batteries were emtpy.
      I changed them the same day, and today (tuesday), new batteries are also empty.

      I installed the last firmware (xxx797), I updated the android Soft.

      When I select the hiberanat mode, the led blinks highly 4 times, then blinks
      faintly EVERY second (and not 10 second, as described).

      I thinks I am really in hibernate mode because I cant no more reach the mooshimeter with Bluetooth (but no problem to wake it up).

      Can it be out of order ?? a firmware problem ????


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      Hello Silas,

      That is definitely not normal. The first thing I’ll say is that you should not need to put the unit in hibernation mode every time you’re done using it. We’re actually going to rename “Hibernation” to “Shipping mode” because a lot of users have had this confusion. The batteries should last over a year with the radio on in a connectable mode.

      My suspicion is that you found a bug in the hibernation mode of the latest firmware. I’ll investigate it, in the mean time if you could replace the batteries one more time and not worry about hibernation mode, it should work fine for you.


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