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      Google have now made Android apps work in containers on ChromeOS.

      So are only three chromebooks are supported (Pixel2015, Flip and something else) but loads more to come. Also you have to be in the Bleeding Edge, erm Dev Channel.

      Of course the first Android app I tried on my Pixel? Mooshimter!

      It loads!
      It scans!
      It finds… nothing.

      So I load the BLE Scanner Android app. It _does_ find the Mooshimeter and other BLE devices… So Android ChromeOS containers do support Bluetooth and BLE at least to some extent – presumably enough that the mooshiapp should also see the Mooshigadget.

      What can I do to get further debug? I would love to have this on my Pixel too…

      (Second post – first didnt appear – maybe it will later so appologies for double double post post.)

      Hope we can make this work James :)

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      Hi Phedders,

      Sorry for slow reply, busy trying to get the new betas to production recently…

      I don’t have the bandwidth to take on another platform right now but would try to support someone else who wanted to try. Another user wrote linux wrappers through BlueZ (, chromebook support would be amazing.

      I don’t know enough about the chromebook environment. The Mooshimeter app publishes lots of debug messages to the debug log… is there a way to access that in the chromebook environment? That’s probably the first step in figuring out what’s going on.


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